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I think I would like to express a bit of rage on the topic of productivity, and maybe spend a few minutes exploring the topic in a meaningful way. Whenever I hear this term, my first thought is rarely one of rage. It puts me into an analytical mindset, and immediately I want to define parameters, goals, and values for whatever is involved in the topic. The rage follows shortly after, when I realise that for the vast majority of people in the hypothetical room this topic comes up in, these factors never even come to mind. It is a simple term in its simplest of interpretations. How much are you doing, and how long is it taking you? The question of what is the goal, and how are you getting there are rarely part of the discussion though. It seems too often that we find a process that leads us to a goal, and then see excellence of the process in the same light as excellence in the goal, never stopping to reevaluate our circumstances. When I think back to my rather dull days of high school, I am equally baffled and enlightened about the strange approach to this topic. I was always told to do things properly, study every night, do homework, and not to take easy ways out of things. I’m not referring to ways of questionable ethics like cheating or blackmailing teachers. I’m thinking more of waiting until the last minute, and using the processes and they have taken weeks to develop, following the same steps they did, and come up with a project of equal quality in a day or two. If I were to do this in school, it would be considered lazy. The hard work of trial and error in whatever was assigned was considered part of the experience. As I moved into what I can’t quite bring myself to call the real world, the idea of taking the easy way out, or “bullshitting” as I called it then and sometimes now came into a completely different light. Those people that used to sit in the back of the classroom and catch up on their sleep, only to borrow your perfectly copied notes in the last five minutes seem to turn out to be the most productive among us. The major flaw that keeps these very productive people from turning into the best workers, is that they are told all of their lives that the working world will not accept that. Those lazy people who are driven to do things with the least amount of effort possible though, are really a perfect match for what the real world expects. Maybe if those people were told that they have a skill, and driven toward the development of that skill, they would be part of the discussion of productivity. These people have not lost sight of the goal, they have simply not sought success in the process given to them as if it were the goal itself. If these people were told that they had a skill for productivity, and driven toward perfecting that skill, maybe we would then be less focused on figuring out how to get people to do a particular process, such as taking notes, and doing it better than others, and more focused on getting them to achieve a particular result, such as having a quick reference to study. When we think of how productive we are as people, the question of work we get done in a day is far less relevant than the question of how much more work could we have gotten done in that day. The next time you see a person who seems to be lazy, or who seems to be taking the easy way out of things, instead of judging them for their lack of drive and dedication, try asking yourself “If I could be that productive, what else could I be using my drive and dedication for?”.

Hmm, I guess an introduction comes first.

I don’t really know why I’m making a blog. The whole idea of it is actually somewhat off-putting to me,mostly because the idea that people are would like to read what I have to say is something that never really crossed my mind. I’ve long sense been looking for a way though, that I could use my mind, and ideas to create something tangible, and beneficial to myself, or someone else. Being an impulsive person by nature and environment though, when the idea of a blog popped into my head, and I had a few hours to kill, I decided why not kill them by at the very least feeling productive. I guess I’ll have to decide on a path or topic for this blog at some point, though I would like to jump around a bit until then. I’ve been told I’m quite odd more than once in my life, so I hope to bring whoever may stumble across these stray thoughts a new, or at least an unusual perspective on things. My highest expectation is to make people feel something. Not any particular thing, contempt, anger, or even hope are all fine with me. To help others exercise their most human of attributes in any form would satisfy me. I’ll stop rambling now though, and maybe write something of substance.